Haven Illustrated, LLC
Landscape Design Services
Organic Gardening

Seattle Tilth - www.seattletilth.org
Organic gardening classes, chicken, bee and goat husbandry, edible plant sale and more!

Savvy Gardener Classes - www.savingwater.org/outsidesavvygardener.htm
Low-maintnenance plant selection, soil building, organic garden design, e-newsletter.

Seattle Youth Garden Works -
Seattle Youth Garden Works empowers homeless and under-served youth  through garden-based education and employment.

P-Patch Program - www.cityofseattle.net/neighborhoods/ppatch/
Join a community garden in Seattle.

Plant Amnesty - www.plantamnesty.org
Learn how to prune trees and shrubs correctly in the right season. Arborist referral.

Envirostars Program - www.envirostars.org
Organic landcsape designers, contractors and other green businesses.

Rent-a Ruminant, LLC - tdunakin@hotmail.com
Rent a herd of goats to clear invasives from your large site.

Edmonds Community College Horticulture Program - www.eddc.edu
Sustainable landscape design classes and horticultural therapy.

Landscape Architecture www.washington.edu
University of Washington College of Architecture and Urban Planning

South Seattle Community College - www.southseattle.edu
Landscape design and horticulture classes.

Farming Heritage

Farmers Almanac TV - www.farmersalmanactv.com
Learn about the seasons, farming traditions, and weather from the makers of Farmers Almanac.

21 Acres - www.21acres.org
Learn about local food and sustainable living

Portage Bay Grange - www.portagebaygrange.com
Urban farm & feed store offers urban livestock, feed, classes and all of the supplies you need for sustainable living in the city


Slow Food USA - www.slowfoodseattle.org
Promoting sustainable food production that is good, clean and fair

Natural Crafts

Weaving Works - www.weavingworks.com
Learn how to spin, knit, dye, or weave a basket.

Dunbar Gardens - www.dunbargardens.com
Support the ancient craft of willow basketry.  Heirloom quality baskets, basket weaving supplies, and classes in Skagit valley.

Mosaic art - www.artcycled.com
Custom art elements for your garden or community project.

Watercolor Garden Journals and Classes - www.mollyhashimoto.com
Learn how to record the seasons in your garden and in the great outdoors.

Environmental Learning

Heron Habitat Helpers - www.heronhelpers.org
Learn about and support the heron rookery in Kiwanis ravine.

Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program - www.wdfw.wa.gov
Register your garden or community as a backyard wildlife asanctuary with the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

Public Green Space Supporters

Department of Neighborhoods - www.seattle.gov/neighborhoods
A community outreach program in the city of Seattle that can assist communities in realizing their community projects through volunteer matching funds.

Groundswell NW - www.groundswellnw.org
A community organization that promotes and assists in the making of public green space projects in Seattle.

UrbanSparks.org - www.urbansparks.org
An organization that can assist communities in creating their public green space projects.

Compost Bins - www.seattle.gov/binsandbarrels
Compost bins , green cones, and waterbarrels at discounted prices for Seattle residents.

Water Harvesting

Down to Earth Gardens and Gizmos - www.naturalrainwater.com
Water barrels and cistern installation.


Premier Plastics - www.premierplastics.com
Water storage tanks in all shapes and sizes.


King County Reusable Materials Exchange - www.2good2toss.com
Recycled building and landscape materials.

ReStore - www.re-store.org
Recycled building materials.

Electronic device recycling - www.verizonwireless.com
Dispose of unwanted electronic devices safely.

ainable Building

Northwest EcoBuilding Guild - www.ecobuilding.org
Sustainable building professionals.

Ecohaus - www.ecohaus.com
Sustainable building materials and products.

Renewable Energy

Puget Sound Solar - www.pugetsoundsolar.com
Design and installation of solar enrgy systems, energy audits, and tours.

Sunergy systems - www.sunergysystems.com
Design and installation of solar energy systems, energy audits.

Solar Energy International Northwest, Guemes Island  ian@solarenergy.org
Classes on solar, micro-hydro, and wind power.

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