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BEFORE (2002)

AFTER (2006)

Based on the garden consultation, we can help you develop a master plan and choose appropriate materials, colors and plants for your home and garden.

Magnolia Contemporary

An 8 inch deep swale as the bark mulch path, combined with the bermed planting beds next to the house prevent storm water runoff from entering the basement.

Low basalt walls retain a steep slope, expanding the front sculpture garden.

Contemporary sculpture in a contemporary garden.

Thyme replaced the lawn in the front garden. It is as sturdy for light foot traffic, and it attracts pollinators when in bloom.

Northwest native and ornamental plants attract birds, butterflies and bees to the planting strip.

Union Bay Garden

A perennial garden accommodates two active dogs & allows views of Union Bay.

The one remaining apple tree from the original orchard is being carefully restored.

Woodland Garden:

Lighting accents the woodland theme.

Dining Terrace.

Mini patio beside driveway.

The flagstone path leads to the herb garden.

Thyme replaces the lawn in the sunny meadow.

Stone steps lead to the sunny meadow.

Sound for Privacy in a Street side Garden

A 9 foot deep entry garden now has relaxing sound and
provides privacy from the street.

Backed by a 5 foot hedge, a fountain adds sound and creates privacy in the narrow entry garden.

Asian Inspired Garden

Artwork from the client creates focal points through the garden. Cobbles and stepping stones line a swale and provide a walking path.

The cedar arbor provides a welcoming entry into the dining terrace.

What was an overgrown front garden is now a sunny dining terrace.

Using existing paths and cobble the dining terrace was expanded, while creating great drainage.

Magnolia Residence

Door, trim and roof colors were selected to highlight the natural sandstone of the house.

Low maintenance drought tolerant plants replace the front lawn and accent the soft tones of the sandstone exterior of the house.

Low plants do not detract from the view of downtown Seattle.

Carleton Park Townhomes
Utilizing the city's existing infrastructure, high rise townhomes are being built in the Magnolia Shopping District. By building within the city limits, wetlands and fertile farmland is being protected from development.

The townhomes have small commercial/retail spaces at the street level enabling residents to work from home, or lease their office/retail spaces.

Low Impact Development principles are being used, such as, deeply amended soils, Northwest native plants and low maintenance ornamentals. Pervious paving and large planting beds result in capturing rainfall and conserving water use.

Grand Opening February 1, 2009



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