Haven Illustrated, LLC
Landscape Design Services
Garden Consultations

What we do:
We want our clients to understand the value of working with design professionals. Whether you are getting started with a garden renovation or new construction, we can help you establish a master plan that can be done yourself or by skilled contractors.

A color palette will be established for your garden plants, based on the interior colors you like to be surrounded with and the exterior materials of your home. 
We will look at the health of your soil, existing trees, shrubs, plants and lawn. Recommendations will be made for restorative pruning and if needed, plant removal. New plants will be recommended, based on specific growing conditions in your garden. We can help you choose appropriate construction materials based on the age and style of your home, or new project.

At the end of the consultation you will receive a drawn diagram of the garden showing changes we discussed, as well as a list of written recommendations of the order in which things should happen.

Landscape Design Plans:
After the initial consultation, we can measure your site to create a detailed planting plan & plant list, including quantities.

Contractor Referral:
We will collaborate with your contractors or refer construction and landscape contractors for your specific needs. We work with a dedicated team of contractors to fulfill your needs.

We will establish maintenance guidelines and oversee installations so your project is a successful and positive experience.

Color Consultation:
We can help you select colors for the exterior of your home that link your home and garden. Color swatches will be provided for the house and trim colors and an accent color for the door. We have even coordinated roof & gutter colors during remodeling. 
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