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We are able to assist communities in achieving their green space design goals. We have collaborated with city agencies, University of Washington, and other design professionals in assisting communities with p-patch projects, pocket parks, medians and even landscaped bus stops!

We can help lead and coordinate community meetings,  guide communications with city agencies and assist with grant applications.

Green Bus Stop Project (2004)


Project Description:
Community members proposed a pilot project with King County Metro, Seattle Dept. of Transportation, and the Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods.

The pilot project selected 4 bus stops throughout the community that received green steel benches, such as those placed in the Magnolia Village shopping district, as well as a professionally-designed landscaped area surrounding the bus stop.

This bus stop pilot project seeks to enhance the existing King County Metro program called "Adopt a Stop". The existing program features waste baskets at bus stops adopted by individuals. In exchange for maintaining the bus stops and emptying waste baskets, the adoptee receives ten free one way bus tickets per month!

By providing attractive benches, waste cans, and pleasant landscaping at these bus stops, we hope to make a humble but powerful gesture toward our neighbors and bus riders saying welcome to the neighborhood!

To learn more about this community project, and how your community can create a similar project, please contact:

Jennifer Carlson, committee chair at
haven illustrated@comcast.net

Village Gateway at Magnolia Playfields Park, Magnolia, WA
33rd Ave W between W McGraw and W Smith St


Project Description:
The goal was to create a link between Magnolia's business center and the adjacent park facilities to the north. Metal artists, Jean Whitesavage & Nick Lyle, of Whitesavage & Lyle fabricated the steel magnolia blossoms and madrona buds. Landscaping complemented the red sculptures and also provided a safety buffer separating young children from the nearby street.


Haven Illustrated, LLC's role:
Jennifer was the landscape designer for the project. She presented planting plans for approval by Seattle Parks and Recreation.
She was on the committee to select artists to create public art. Jennifer worked closely with the artists to link the NW native plants with the theme of the artwork.

34th Ave West & West McGraw Median


Project Description:
Haven Illustrated, LLC has permanently adopted the 10ft by 50 ft median in the shopping district in Magnolia Village.

The design concept was to create a median that resembles a remnant of a perennial cottage garden surrounded by the activities of urban development. Every 6-8 weeks, a new wave of color develops, beginning with 300 white tulips and daffodils starting in spring. Drought tolerant flowers and shrubs bloom all summer and evergreen ground covers and shrubs create interest all winter.

Wolfe Creek Trail Project

Project Description:
The goal of this project is to develop a trail that extends between the north and south ends of Magnolia Playfields, the park at the heart of the Magnolia community. The trail would capture surface water off of the adjacent slopes in the valley and partially daylight the water which feeds Wolfe creek that flows under the Park.  By daylighting the trail, water is directed away from the ballfields, potentially helping them drain faster in the Spring.  The surface water would be cleansed by NW native plants along the daylighted portions as it travels toward Elliot Bay.

The purposes of the project are:
  • To encourage pedestrian use of the park
  • To provide safer access to school children between two schools, numerous sports fields, a community center, a public pool, and Magnolia's shopping Village.
  • To educate the public about the area's watershed and natural history.
  • To highlight eco-friendly technologies that people can adopt at home.

The steering committee applied for Pro-Parks Levy funding in 2004, but did not receive funding.
Currently, it is being discussed by the community as one of several solutions to combined sewer overflow events that occur annually into Elliot bay to the south of the Park.  The trail
project adds value to the park without any negative impact on its current uses. This project
compliments the larger 34th Ave. Street-side Project to create a pedestrian corridor from the north to the south ends of Magnolia, following the route of Wolfe Creek that was diverted underground in the early 1900's.

Wolfe Creek Trail Plan created by SiteWorkshop Landscape Architecture

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